1973 Trans Am

This is my 1973 Trans Am Drag Racer; My track warrior. I have been building it  slowly since 1995 and will once again be drag racing at Sacramento Raceway in 08. I'm shooting for 11.60 ETs. Time slips will be posted as I  create them. Enjoy.   Email
  Thumpin 455   1973 Trans Am Drag Racer  
Year/Model:  1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Race Weight:  TBD
Curb Weight:  TBD
Fuel Level:  Full Tank
Type of fuel:  93 / 110-octane mix
Engine:  70-XF 455, bored .030
Cubic Inches Before / After:  455 / 462
Built by:  Owner  Machine work:  Rex Hutchison
Racing Engines - Sacramento California
Carburetor:  Holley 850 Double Pumper, #80 / #81 jets, ProForm Main Body
Spacer Plate:  None
Intake Manifold:  Edelbrock Performer RPM
Fuel System:  Mallory 140 Pump, 8 AN line from tank to reg, 8 AN line from reg to carb, Mallory reg set at 7 psi
Heads:  Kauffman Racing Equipment, Aluminum D Port, 2.11/1.66 Ferrea stainless race valves, 74cc, not ported
Flow numbers:  262 cfm intake at .550 lift, 28-in
Pistons/Rings:  Forged TRW flat-top with small dish / Total Seal
Rods:  6.625" Forged Childs & Albert Track Master
Compression Ratio:  10.65
Crankshaft:  Nodular iron, turned .010 under
Rotating Assembly Balanced:  Yes
Camshaft:  Comp Cams hydraulic, 244/244-deg dur. at .050, .551/.551 lift 1.65 ratio rockers, 110-deg LSA
Installed Position:  Straight up
Rocker Arms:  Comp Cams 1.65 roller
Ignition:  MSD Pro Billet, Blaster 2 coil, MSD 6AL, MSD 8.5 mm wires, NGK R5671A-11 plugs
Total Timing:  TBD
Exhaust:  Hooker Super Comp ceramic 1.75-in primary headers, 3-in collectors, 2.5-in Flowmaster American Thunder kit, 2.5-in H-pipe
Power Adder:  None
Transmission:  Turbo 400 built by Monster Motorsports, SS Mega Monster, reverse manual valve body
Converter:  B&M HoleShot 10-in, 3200-rpm stall
Shifter:  B&M Console Megashifter
Rear type/Ratio:  Moser 9-in, full spool, 35 spline Moser axles, 3.70 gears
Brakes, Front:  Summit cross drilled rotors, SSBC Force 10 SuperTwin calipers  Rear:  Master Power Brakes 11-in HD finned drum upgrade
Wheels, F/R:  Weld Pro Stars, 15x3.5 / 15x8 - 4.5 Backspace
Tires, Front:  Mickey Thompson Sportsman 26x7.50x15 Rear: Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro 28x10.50x15
Suspension, Front:  stock with CE adj. drag shocks set at 90/10
Suspension, Rear:  stock with CE adj. drag shocks set at 50/50, CE Slide-A-Link Traction Bars
Chassis Mods:  CE subframe connectors
Interior Mods:  Hurst Roll Control
Exterior Mods:  Dude Scoop from Ken's Speed & Machine, gently bolted to hood bracing
Safety Mods:  Driveshaft loop
Paint:  Buccaneer Red, original was Brewster Green, the car was already red when I bought it.
Launch Technique:  TBD
Best 1/4-mile ET, MPH:  TBD
Horsepower:  515 Estimated
Torque:  548 Estimated

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