Ricks "Dude Scoop" and
Offset Air Cleaner Details
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Since I'm running an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, I had to use a taller hood scoop for air cleaner clearance. I installed the Dude Scoop and fabricated a maximum rearward offset air cleaner. With my current setup, I have 3/8 inch clearance at the front and 3/4 inch on the sides. That is scoop to air cleaner clearance. If you glass the scoop to the hood, you can gain more clearance for a larger air cleaner. My details are below. There are pics / plans at Ken's Speed & Machine Shop "click here" for you guys that are a bit more hardcore.

I bought my Dude Scoop in 2005. It is possible that the newer scoops could have different (larger) dimensions. UPDATE 2015: It seems the Dude Scoop is no longer available.


All measurements are inside dimensions.
Top to bottom at front is
Top to bottom at rear is
Top to bottom at center front is
Top to bottom at center rear is
Notice the steep ramped front. It is at a
much sharper angle than a stock 73 scoop.


All measurements are inside dimensions.
Side to side at top front is
Side to side at top rear is
Side to side at bottom front is
Side to side at bottom rear is
Notice the steep ramped sides. They are at
a much sharper angle than a stock 73 scoop.


All measurements are inside dimensions.
Top to bottom of opening at the sides is
Top to bottom of opening in the middle is


I used .25" by 1" bar stock aluminum drilled and bolted to the existing under hood bracing to attach my scoop solidly to the hood. This job is a real snap with the hood removed and inverted on a flat surface. To do a perfect job, all you have to do is be patient, measure, remeasure, and eyeball everything approximately one million times. Your measuring needs may vary.


I used nylon spacers to adjust the distance between the hood and the scoop. The spacers are on top on the aluminum bracing at all three scoop mounting points. With the right spacers in place, I have about .25" of clearance so the scoop does not touch the hood. This protects the overly expensive paint job on my Dude Scoop. It looks good though. Later I will learn to do my own paint work.


Along with the Dude Scoop, I had to fab up this maximum rearward offset air cleaner. I ordered the 9" K&N XStream Assembly for my Holley 850. The K&N part number for this kit is 66-3150. The kit comes with a 2.75" height filter. I swapped it out for a 2" height filter. The other item needed to create the offset is a 14" offset air cleaner base. Summit Racing Equipment had one for $19.00. Go cheap on this one since you are going to chop it up anyway. Don't forget to chop carefully.


To compensate for the reward offset, you will need to fab up a custom offset threaded rod to keep the filter in place. You can bend a length of threaded rod or some thin steel that you probably already have laying around. I find the steel to be far more forgiving. Bending a length of rod may seam more convenient but could be a giant time waster in the long run. Good luck. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Once you have chopped and drilled both base plates, it's time to pull out the rivet gun. If you have never done a rivet job before, I am happy to report that it is cheap and easy. This was my first rivet job and it came out perfect. That is undeniable proof that it is a no-brainer.


This offset air cleaner idea came from a fellow TA owner that I met online when I became a victim of air cleaner clearance problems too. He has a stock scoop glassed to his hood and this offset air cleaner to complete the job. I hope this info helps your need for speed. If you want to tell me about it, you can catch me here -> Email. Motor on Hotrod.


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